schools around mont botanik residence

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary school

The school aspires to develop in their students resilience and perseverance, attributes so crucial to helping your child face up to future challenges and succeed in life. It also aims to hone critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as identifying and nurturing students’ talents to their fullest potential, all within a peaceful and conducive learning environment. And to build righteousness in character, the school strives to help instil values from the Bible, inculcating in their young charges patriotism, duty and loyalty to serve God and the country.

Photo Credits: Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

German European School Singapore (up to tertiary level)

One of Singapore’s leading international schools, GESS oversees a great diversity of students hailing from some 65 different nations. The school observes a steep adherence to the European values of respect, openness and inclusiveness, holistic practices and approach that go beyond the learning that takes place in the classroom, to the day-to-day operation and hiring of staff. True to their spirit of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness, the school is open to admitting students of all abilities, seeing to it to discover each child’s strengths and interests and developing them to their fullest potential. At the same time, GESS excels at supporting and grooming the especially gifted, providing these students with ample opportunity for further growth through varied avenues such as research and dialogue with high tech companies and universities. This is a major distinguishing factor for GESS in comparison to other private schools in Singapore. And as a testimony to GESS ever onward pursuit of excellence, the school was recently awarded in the category of ‘Most Transformational Collaboration’ as part of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) awards 2019.


Photo Credits: German European School Singapore

St Francis Methodist School (up to tertiary level)

The school hosts a vibrant and culturally diverse community of students from over 20 different nationalities. Supported by a team of dedicated teachers, it strives to develop students to be aspiring and successful young men and women of sound character, leaning on the guiding principles of Methodist teaching and values.

Photo Credits: St Francis Methodist School

CHIJ Our Lady Queen Of Peace

The school’s motto – ‘Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty’, aptly sums up the school’s steadfast pursuit of developing Enthusiastic Learners, Humble Leaders and Gracious Ladies. It believes strongly in providing a holistic education where students are guided to gain mastery over a wide range of knowledge and skills, allowing for plenty of opportunities for students to explore and develop their own talents and potential to the fullest. Key to their success in accomplishing all these lies in the dedicated support they provide for their staff, as well as collaborative joint effort between staff and parents, forging a united front towards delivering quality education.


Photo Credits: CHIJ Our Lady Queen Of Peace

National University of Singapore

Besides the aforementioned German European School Singapore and St Francis Methodist School that also offer up to tertiary level education, another of parents’ choice tertiary institution would be the National University of Singapore, the country’s top-ranking, flagship university. Ranked at the top of Times Higher Education’s Asia University Rankings for three years in a row, NUS is indeed a world-renowned brand institution that has consistently given the country numerous eminent scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs and professionals in every sector across the nation. The institution represents the pinnacle of educational pursuit, a distinguished and prestigious academy of highest excellence.

Photo Credits: National University of Singapore