Nature Reserves around Mont Botanik

Rifle Range Nature Park

Rifle Range Nature Park lies just to the south of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and serves as a complementary forest habitat for biodiversity to its next-door nature reserve. Visitors can expect to spot native flora species growing in the nature reserve on the fringe of the park. And if you are lucky and attentive, you may just chance upon some native fauna species such as the Sunda Pangolin and Horsfield’s Flying Squirrel, as well as native crabs, frogs, fishes and snakes in the slow-flowing sandy streams. Experience awe and enchantment and be at one with the best endowments from mother nature.

Photo Credits: National Parks

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

This reserve has one of Singapore’s richest and most diverse ecological systems. Visitors can expect to see an amazing variety of plants, animals and insects, covering 163-ha of ground including Singapore’s highest ground, the Bukit Timah Hill, standing at 163 m. This primary rainforest is home to a high proportion of Singapore’s native flora and fauna, and you would quickly find it your favourite nature trail. The reserve went through a period of restoration and was reopened in October 2016. A favourite among fitness enthusiasts and nature-lovers alike, this highest hill regularly sees many folks young and old scaling up its tree-lined slope. A great alternative to the stepper machines in the gym! Besides soaking in the fresh air and sight and sound, you may also learn about the native biodiversity within the reserve through interactive displays of forest ecology and plant specimens at the Exhibition Hall, located on the second floor of the Visitor Centre.

Photo Credits: National Parks